Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Should we have politically correct racing?

Hemingway wrote "There are only three sports, bullfighting, motor racing and mountain climbing. The others are all childs games palyed by adults" or something like that.

Adrenaline. The chemical that fuels any competitor to reach new heights of performance. Well, at least most kinds...I can't see steroids helping a racer. Adrenaline takes athletes to new levels, it is sometimes said that it elevates them to a new level of consciousness. In the zone.


Some moron crashes into you and ends your day! You flip him the bird, maybe you swear to yourself in the car. Maybe you are yelling at him from inside the car. A natural response, especially for someone who is high on adrenaline. Except....

The governing body wants to portray a squeeky clean image. Our driver's can't be flipping someone off in the heat of battle, that might offend someone. Television lives inside your helmet, so you can't vent to yourself. Since when can "the man" govern what you say out loud to yourself inside a race car. They say it is a professionalism issue. I'm pretty sure that professionalism & presentability goes out the window at 200 mph when someone crashes into the back of you. At least you should be allowed an "Oh Shit", that's what the TV networks have the 5 second delay for. Or maybe, just maybe the powers that be can stop pandering to the bible belt freaks that are so prevalent in the states that they might realize that kids can learn when certain things are appropriate in adult life. Spinning down a racetrack out of control is certainly an appropriate time to utter a swear word or two.

In this age of reality TV, why can't we show professional atheletes behaving the way they really do? Let's face it, racing can be a bit of a dirty business, let the public see the real side.

I'm pretty sure that my 12 year old utters an Oh Shit or two while she's racing, we just haven't invaded her helmet with microphones. Yet.

You just wait to hear my opinion on cheating!


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