Friday, March 10, 2006

Scott Speed Fan Club

Scott Speed. The next great American hope for Formula One. The boy has had some great background and training and I wish him the best. The only thing is that being a childish guy, I just can't get past his name! Scott Speed. He sounds like a character from Speed Racer. I checked his website this morning & you have to check out the glam shots in his gallery. He could have starred in Zoolander.
Thanks to motorsport live for the almost normal pic above.


Blogger Petri Ranta said...

True, he is a little quirky. He can certainly drive and his father is somewhat on par with 'Pops' in the brain department. I think he will do well as long as he can keep his gigantic ego in check. Because when it comes down to it, he has not proven anything other than the fact that he can drive a shifter!

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