Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My take on car magazines

It's fairly obvious that I have amassed quite the collection of car magazines over the years. I've even got many years of the big guys that I've kept from my youth. But somewhere along the way, the big guys got too big. Road and Track, Car & Driver are just too big, too corporate for my liking. I stopped buying CD at least a decade ago & stopped picking up R/T monthly a few years ago, because the only thing I was reading was Peter Egan's "Side Glances". Now, the only time I buy R/T is when I see that there are a couple of Egan articles along with his column. Otherwise, I just read his bit online. The March issue of R/T caught my eye because I love shape of the new Camaro concept & I wanted to read the Ferrari tour article.

Right now, the only mag I read religiously is Grassroots Motorsports. It really is what it's name says. A car mag written, published, owned by car guys who get all geeky over playing with a new toy, and they really do play. The staff schedules posted on their site show some sort of racing event every weekend. If they're not racing, they're dragging a trailer somewhere to pick up a new project car. When was the last time Yates & David E. went on a mission to pick up a beater?


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