Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Maybe it's time for an opinion on CHEATING

Well now. I may be a bit younger than some of my readers, but my life long involvement in racing goes back to my toddler years in the late sixties. In 1969, my old man raced what may have been the fastest A sedan race car in Canada. An outrageous red, white & blue AMX. Now recently, some 36 years later, I have found out that the car was so unbelievably illegal that I thought that maybe the memories were becoming cloudy. The car was chopped & channeled in the interest of saving weight. There was a panic in the paddock on the first weekend when a TR3 parked next to the car with it's top up was the same height as the AMX. The car was that low.

Now how does that apply to me, the straight laced, would never knowingly break a rule guy? Simple. The old man was the first ever sports car racing champion in Ontario. Win at all costs. I've been crew for a few championships, but they were a result of hard work & solid driving. The old man was the real deal. Spare no expense, make the car fast. His cars would either win, or blow up trying.

So what's my point? Well, the current powers that be in at least one major series (ie; NASCAR) seem to have forgotten their roots. What about Smokey Yunick? What about all those bootleg moonshine runners? Even big old Roger Penske had some light weight Camaro's running around. Something about a vinyl top because the roof was so thin it dented too easily. Now I'm not saying that anyone should be condoning "cheating", but a big part of winning has always been creative interpretation of "the rules".

It has happened at all levels of the sport and will continue to happen at all levels of the sport, as long as we continue to race. Every team will always look for an edge over their competitors. Will The Garage Guy racing team ever resort to ebnding the rules? Not likely, because we don't have the budget for it. Will we get mad at the teams who can afford to? Nope. They are doing what comes naturally. Long live the hunt for that extra edge!


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