Sunday, March 12, 2006

Formula One is back!

With a 6 am start here in Ontario, I wasn't even sure I wanted to get up that early to watch. The last few seasons have left me feeling pretty cold towards the F1 circus, with no passing and very few glimmers of real brightness. Alonso's win of the World Championship last year was great, if only because someone had beaten Michael, but otherwise the season didn't do much for me. I haven't really paid any attention to the preseason this year, as I just wasn't interested. Imagine my delight this morning, to be treated to real wheel to wheel racing all through the pack, not to mention lead changes. To me, the top two finishers are no real surprise, but there was some real excitement further back. Here are some observations:

Drive of the day:
Has to go to Kimi Raikonnen for starting last and finishing in 3rd place. I kow they had a rough day in qualifying due to a suspension failure, but you think you could smile a bit?

Scott Speed:
Had a good solid first race that he should be proud of. Kudos to the Speed TV boys and girls for not focusing on the American boy all through the race, but you could have at least spent a little more time on him. Remember, he may hold the newest key to getting some American viewers.

Rookie star of the race:
Has to go to Nico Rosberg. Talk about wunderkind, this guy has all of his old man's talent and maybe more. The youngest driver to ever set a fastest race lap, not to mention on the short list of drivers to score World Championship points in their first race. I'll make a prediction: Nico will be World Champion before he turns 25!

Hotseat Award:
Goes to Jacques Villenueve for hopping out of his burning BMW and watching while waiting for the fire crews to finally show up.

Best nickname:
Comes from Bob Varsha (I think) when talking about Renault boss Flavious Brontosaurus.

Quote of the race:
"He's definately got some serious attachments" from David Hobbs, describing Nico Rosberg's battle with David Coulthard in the late stages of the race.

Who cares award:
As always, goes to big brother Michael, who finished 2nd. So what!?

The biggest story....
Racing is back in Formula One. There was not only some real passing, but some serious wheel to wheel action, couple with some bright young stars who might bring added excitement to the season. I actually can't wait for Malaysia next week.


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