Monday, March 06, 2006

Driver's Duking it out!

So there i was on Sunday evening, sitting down to dinner & switched on the day's news on Speed TV and what do I see? Two sports car racers beating the bejesus out of each other. Not just a little shoving match, but all out fisticuffs, finishing up with one down on the ground under the other being pummelled! I had just returned from taking the boys to an OHL hockey game, where the highlight was the 3 times the gloves came off. These boys were big and moved fast. Fists met faces with lightning speed and the 3 boys with us couldn't get enough. Let's face it, fights are big news, never mind the fact that they are a majorly juvenile activity. My buddy & I were on our feet cheering as loudly as the kids were. It's just not something you normally see at a road course.

Road racers have always been the "gentlemen" of the sport who leave the physical punishment to those short track roundy round types they show on local cable. From what they show on those low budget, poorly produced shows you would think that to go fast & turn left, you need a good right jab. Let's face it though, history has shown us that even the big boys lose their temper sometimes. Has anyone forgotten AJ?

Do fights belong in car racing? Well, I don't ever plan on beating up a competitor, but I'm not about to turn off the TV when they show a couple of guys losing control in the heat of the moment. Should these guys be penalized? Well...that's a more difficult question. If the organizers are determined to have a squeeky clean image for the sport, then sure. But the reality is that road racing needs all the help it can get in the publicity end of things. Maybe they should offer a publicity bonus to these guys & then paint a target on the back of their car for the next round. I bet ratings would improve, not to mention that AJ might approve.


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