Sunday, March 05, 2006

10W30 Dark Ale!

I was originally going to post this over at Foodies, but then I figured... What better place to review a beer called 10W30 but in The Garage.
The Neustadt Springs Brewery in Western Ontario has a history dating back to 1859 and they brew all natural, preservative free traditional style beers. 10w30 is a old world style Brown Ale that tastes malty and smooth, with none of the bitterness that many mainstream drinkers expect from a dark beer. I'm pleased that the beer is as enjoyable as the packaging is cool. I think we may have to make a road trip later this spring & go for the tour of the old building, not to mention sample some of their other offerings.
It's available at select LCBO stores for $11.50


Blogger Petri Ranta said...


I'd perfer something a little lighter, watching my waist line you know; so do they make a 5W30?


6:32 AM  
Blogger the garage guy said...

yeah, like you need to watch your waist!

7:08 PM  

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