Thursday, February 23, 2006

New contributor welcome

I'm excited to introduce our first contributor (other than me that is!) to The Garage. Petri Ranta is a lifelong friend with a motorsports career spanning 27 years. Not bad for a guy who's only 33! With 3 Canadian Grand National karting championships under his belt, this guy knows a thing or two about chassis setup, not to mention he's one hell of a driver. More recently, Petri has been using his talents in forming Bouran Data Services, a data aquisition company that combines years of experience with the most current technology to help racers find that extra edge. While the daily grind sees Petri battling it out on the technology side on the 407 toll highway in Ontario, his weekends are far more exciting. From local Kart tracks to the Grand Am cup, he covers lots of ground. If you look closely, you may even find his laptop hooked up to some guy named Tony's Busch series car a few weekends this summer.

Petri's posts in The Garage may cover highway news & stories, and I'm sure we may get to hear some first hand racing stories from tracks all over North America!

Welcome aboard Brother!!!


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