Wednesday, February 15, 2006

2006 Porsche Cayenne

When the chance came yesterday afternoon to tool around in a new 06 Porsche Cayenne, I obviously jumped at it. I've like the shape since the Cayenne was introduced, so I figured it would be fun to take for a boot. I've gotta say that I came away unbelievably disappointed.

The truck I drove was a base model with "only" 250 hp, but I was blown away by how SLOW this this is. That's not to say that it isn't a nice ride, but my 06 Xterra would kick it's butt off the line! To get the truck to really move, one must put the pedal through the floor boards and then the engine sounds great until you realize that you are barely moving for all the racket. It sounds like a sports car, but sure doesn't drive like one. I'm sure the turbo version is quicker, I've been promised a drive in one so I'll let you know.

The interior left me with mixed feelings. The fit & finish, along with the quality of materials certainly makes for a pleasant environment. I especially liked the textured, leather look dash & door panels. They almost looked like they were clad in Roots Leather. The radio controls on the dash are tiny. The oddest thing is that the radio controls on the steering wheel are located so that you can't reach them when holding the wheel at 9 & 3. The truck also managed to make me feel a bit silly, because i couldn't figure out how to start it! It seems that one must insert the key, turn it and hold it until the ecm sends a start signal. Only then will the starter engage. Dumb.

Did I mention that this thing is SLOW! Maybe it's just me, but in my eyes any vehicle with a price tag of 60 grand and the Porsche name badge on it should be quicker that a workhorse Xterra. I nicked the picture above from the Porsche site as I found it a bit funny. Will any owner ever off road a Cayenne? I don't think so.


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