Tuesday, January 17, 2006

They say I should talk about what I know!

What the hell do I know?

It seems that business sites telling folks how to profit from their blog are popping up all over the place & they are all talking about how you can generate dollars by writing about what you know. Well, what do I know about? I know tons about raising kids, but that doesn't make me special, or even right. Well, of course I'm right, just ask me! I know lots about me, but who cares about me. Well, a big part of me is cars. In fact, cars pretty much define who I am.

I was born in the later half of the sixties, which I really think was the golden age of racing in North America. We had sports racers being built by factories, local car clubs and handy guys in their garage. We had Trans Am when it was at it's peak. We had the Can-Am ground pounders. Unlike most kids though, I actually had access to these cars. My Dad raced an outrageous red, white & blue AMX here in Ontario on some of the tracks that have become legends in Ontario history. Harewood Acres. Edenvale. Mosport. I don't think I stood a chance. I had no choice but to become a car fanatic.


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