Saturday, January 14, 2006

Paris Hilton eat your heart out!

I work with a guy who is in his late forties & has this habit of dating hot, younger women. What they see in him I'm not so sure, unless it is the hot car and the $800,000 house. His latest girlfriend apparently was doing some house cleaning yesterday (if that's what you call snooping around in boxes) and came across an unmarked cassette tape. Of course she had to throw it in and see what was on it. What she heard was the sounds of a woman in the throws of ecstasy! She immediately called work & freaked out on him for taping her. It was halfway through this tirade when she heard the woman's voice and realized (maybe even worse) that it wasn't her! She had stumbled upon a tape that he had made with a previous girlfriend 10 years ago. Of course, she lost her mind! Why do you still have this when you live with ME???

Now it is kinda weird that this cat is still keeping a freaky love tape from a decade ago, but he claims to have forgotten about it long ago & it was in the bottom of a box in a storage room.

Maybe the girl should learn not to be so nosy & realize that her boyfriend who is a full 20 years older than her has a lot more history than her, not to mention that he's a bit odd. I wonder if he's going to live through the weekend.


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