Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Honda kills the Honda Michelin Series

The Toronto Star has reported that the Honda Michelin Series has been cancelled for 2006. Citing poor field sizes and poor economics. It seems they had expected fields of 30 plus cars and were disappointed when this did not happen.

Now normally, I'm a pretty positive person, especially when it comes to an exciting new racing series. In this case though, I've gotta say...give your head a shake! The racing community in Ontario had just come off a failed single marque series, with a large number of great little Nissan Sentras for sale. All these folks had just dropped a bunch of money to build & run these cars. Who exactly did they think was going to line up to buy another production race car and sit back & wait for the series to go away again?

Also, having watched a couple of track sessions, I came away feeling bored! Whatever happened to the field of screaming bees that made up the legendary Honda Michelin of the 80's & 90's? I know that Honda was afraid of feeding the street racer image, but let's face it. Race cars need to be heard to be cool!

It's a shame that the series wasn't put together at a better time, with a stronger commitment from Honda!


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