Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Those Damn monthly bills!

I just went out to listen to the thunder (yes, my puter is still turned on!) and a piece of paper fell out of the crack of the front door. It seems that the local cable provider has decided that it's time for us to catch up on our account. One of the strange things about working from home is that you never seem to get around to opening those little envelopes that aren't addressed to the business. As I picked up the envelope, I wondered why the ass didn't knock on the door, I mean i'm sitting a whole 15 feet from the front door! Then it hit me..... holy crap... the cable is my connection to the outside world....argh...i guess i'm going down to the cable office today. of course our modern technology is too slow for me to do it online, I have to get off my ass & go out to do it!


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