Tuesday, August 16, 2005

more pointless comments!

Look down, way down to the story on pointless comments. It has a pointless, business related comment!!! Weird!

To Kill a Kat

We have known for some time now that our cat has been heading towards the end of his long, healthy life. This morning when he fell down & didn't even try to get up, I knew the day had come. This is not the first time we've lost a pet, so I thought that it would be easier. And yet, here I was again, alone at the Vet's office crying in front of total strangers who claim to understand your pain just to make you feel better. Really, inside they are making silent jokes to themselves about this grown man who is blubbering away in front of them!

Oh yes... note to self: next time you have to end a special life, you might want to turn down the volume on the cell phone!

Back to the inner laughter of Veterinary professionals. I am far from cheap. I have friends who are cheap & I think I can tell the difference. I spent the day calling vets checking up on how much they wanted to rape me to off my cat. The price started at $210 and went up over $300!!! We are talking about the injection of about 4 ml of some deathly drug. Perhaps they are using premium unleaded. I called the clinic that had seen to the demise of our other cat & found the relative value of $165 plus gst. No wonder they are silently laughing at me.

Perhaps I should have taken Martin up on the offer to borrow my axe. On the other hand, maybe he could take one of my children in one swing as he had offered to do my cat. Cat haters may think I'm a wimp, but come on...he has lived with us for more than 16 years! We've been married for 17 and our oldest kid is 11. I think we should be upset!

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that a cat is as important as a human, it's just that we do become attached to them. Don't we?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

pointless comments

What the hell is up with the psycho who is out there commenting on people's blogs with nonsense about cheesecake?!?!!? I don't have anything against cheesecake mind you, but it seems like a strange way to draw people into your blog. I want to know what you think if it's at least semi relevant. love me, hate me... I don't care, but don't assault me with your love of dairy desserts!

Is cheesecake really dairy? Do some of you have to pop a lactaid before enjoying it's creamy goodness?

Why it's birelgarage...

Because thegarage.blogspot.com was taken and i'm not so very creative!

Birel is the brand of Kart racing chassis that my daughter races. As life moves on I'll tell you more about kart racing. Go look at thegarageguy.blogspot.com and i'm sure you'll find some karting pics there somewhere!

Did I forget to mention?

I guess i should have mentioned something...

I am an absolute car freak! Watch out for way too many automotive references and random pics for no apparent reason!

The car above is probably the reason for it all. My Dad raced it in 1969 & it was so outrageous that at 2 years old, the car was burnt into my brain! I've been looking for it for years & I think I've found it. Watch for more useless info on it soon!

Those Damn monthly bills!

I just went out to listen to the thunder (yes, my puter is still turned on!) and a piece of paper fell out of the crack of the front door. It seems that the local cable provider has decided that it's time for us to catch up on our account. One of the strange things about working from home is that you never seem to get around to opening those little envelopes that aren't addressed to the business. As I picked up the envelope, I wondered why the ass didn't knock on the door, I mean i'm sitting a whole 15 feet from the front door! Then it hit me..... holy crap... the cable is my internet...my connection to the outside world....argh...i guess i'm going down to the cable office today. of course our modern technology is too slow for me to do it online, I have to get off my ass & go out to do it!

blog me baby - i want to be blogged!

ok, so i've had this little blog sitting here doing nothing while i go about attempting to earn a living. Lately the Lovely & Talented Mrs G has been wanting to start a journal to write down her special warped views of our families' life. I've been trying to convince her she needs to start blogging, but then I haven't even done anything with my own. Sooooo.....here I go, taking up some virtual space with my random thoughts regarding life in general. If you are visiting from The Garage Guy blog, please ignore my unprofessional, crazy rants, as sometimes they might be referring to YOU!