Monday, March 27, 2006

The Garage has a new home!

Is now live.
Please come over for a visit & change your bookmarks. I look forward to hearing your opinions on our new format.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Test video - Gumball 3000

Only a couple more days!

Will be LIVE in a couple more days!

Love those vintage racers!

I'm assuming this is a Carrera Panamerica vintage racer, but I just love old Mercedes road racers! I look forward to visiting Cars & Photos for stuff like this.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Volvo buys stake in Nissan

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with some other local Nissan types about an article I had read online that said that Nissan was looking to get into the cargo van market, based on the Titan pick up. Now, Autoblog has reported that Volvo has purchased a portion of Nissan Diesel that sells diesel trucks in Asia, with an option to buy more later.
For years, business consumers have had to put up with poorly designed boxes that have terrible seating, because that's all that has been offered by the Big 3. Lately of course, the Dodge Sprinter has offered a bit of euro flavour as an alternative, but at a serious price premium. If this Nissan & Volvo combo actually comes to North American, at a competitive price, they might actually kick some serious butt in the cargo van market.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Friday Fuckwit

Ok, so I don't drop the F bomb very often in The Garage (well, at least the online version) but this post title from Dadcentric made me pee myself! I have a new word to use tomorrow. You have to love british lingo. Oh yeah...and the moron riding the bike is pretty impressive too.

Fuckwit indeed!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Audi TT or tank?

Watch this ABC video story about a US Audi dealer who lived through a horrific crash in his Audi TT. I bet he'll sell a ton of these after the public gets ahold of this. He should post photos of the wreckage in his showroom! A very lucky man indeed.

Don't drink & drive

I just came across the newest release by Atom Films. It's a triple X, Pinks spoof featuring three knobs, including a Fabio wannabe named Triple Deezle, who are racing for Pinks. This is funny, just don't make the mistake I did of inviting the kids in to watch. Now I have try figure out a way to stop the 7 year old from dropping the F bomb every 3 minutes before Mom comes home!

Monday, March 20, 2006

New address coming up!

I've gone and registered and will be moving The Garage over to that very soon. In fact, the address may target the blogger site over the next day or so. Over the next week or so, the first The Garage v2.0 will go live on a wordpress site once we decide upon a look & feel.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

2006 Stars Season Opener in the books

Well, the first race of the season for me is in the books. In some ways, actually a lot of ways, I'm glad it is. It rained the entire weekend and our teams luck was somewhere in Kansas. If anyone finds it please forward it to the next race! There were some exciting races, however, for the J3 Competition race team the weekend couldn't come to a close any faster. The team could only muster a few top 15's and when your used to winning - mediocrity is not acceptable. The event with all the rain still stayed on schedule, and I have to give them credit for a job well done.
Some notables, Canadian Eric Gerrits finished on the podium with a third place place in the Spec racer class and Britain's Alexander Simms was a treat to watch in the rain. Next on the docket will be Arizona, should be dry I hope. Anyone who wants to see top notch racing should make a point of trying to come out and watch one of these events - it is quite a show.

Site review: VAST

What is VAST? It is a brand new free search service that extracts classified ads from across the web and displays them in an easy to manage format. So, what does this mean for readers of The Garage? Well, their current tagline is "tracking over 4.8 million cars for sale across 13554 sites". That is a lot of cars for sale. I did a pretty generic search "race car" and it brought back over 15,000 cars for sale. Of course the bulk of them were British Racing Green, but it's still relevant. I entered "sprite" as a keyword and got 218 listings, many of those were sprites or midgets.

I thought this was worth sharing, and we make integrate it into the next version of The Garage, which is going to launch soon.